State employers oppose biotech bans, coalition says

The California Chamber of Commerce and the California Manufacturers & Technology Association, California's leading small business and manufacturing associations, joined California family farmers in opposing efforts to ban biotech crops in California, according to the California Healthy Foods Coalition.

California's small businesses and manufacturers are dependent on the non-agricultural jobs created by California family farms. In addition to being the nation's leading agricultural state for more than 50 years, California's $30 billion agricultural industry supports over 1 million California jobs.

“California is the leading producer and exporter of agricultural products in the United States,” said Jack Stewart, president of the California Manufacturers & Technology Association. “California grown crops are responsible for sustaining the thousands of jobs required to package, truck and export California grown products.”

“California's economy and jobs climate depend on a strong agricultural economy,” said Valerie Nera, director of Agriculture, Water and Privacy for the California Chamber of Commerce. “Thousands of California jobs are supported by the goods and services generated by local family farmers, and it is essential that these family farmers continue to have access to innovative farming practices.”

The California Healthy Foods Coalition is a grass roots and public education program that promotes agricultural innovation and the benefits of biotechnology. To learn more about the coalition visit

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