Steering controller wins ASAE award

This was the first year that Beeline entered the awards for the best new ag products. Applicants represented both new and advanced technologies intended for producing, processing, storing, researching, packaging or transporting agricultural food or other biological products.

The company first commercialized the Beeline Navigator in 1998. Arro powered by Beeline Technologies superseded the Navigator and takes full advantage of the AE50 award winning Beeline Steering Assist Controller. Arro is the only third generation hands free steering product on the market and represents a wealth of tried, tested and improved technology.

Beeline is the only aftermarket company to have an original equipment manufacturer agreement with a large machine manufacturer. Initially picked up by CAT and rolled over to AGCO with the sale of the Challenger tractor series, the Beeline/AGCO agreement annexes all brands under the AGCO umbrella.

The award-winning Beeline Steering Assist Controller is a fully integrated, hands-free steering product designed to conform with the reliability and cost requirements of agricultural machinery OEMs.

It is the only platform to offer the integration of a dual frequency GPS receiver, L-band OmniSTAR correction receiver, ISO11783 capability and the GPS/INS (global positioning systems / inertial navigation system) steering controller into a single unit. “This has enabled significant cost reductions and reliability improvements making the technology attractive to mainstream agricultural OEMs,” a Beeline official said.

The distinct technology feature of the unit is the use of the INS as the primary real-time position sensor while using GPS for real-time calibration. The unit is upgradeable via satellite from its base GPS accuracy level of sub-meter, to decimeter, through to centimeter performance for high value farming applications.

Comparable hands-free steering assist products do not currently offer this level of integration, flexibility and remote serviceability to the OEM and their customers. Advantages of Beeline’s INS/GPS integration include the ability to accurately control vehicles at high speeds and to compensate for slopes in the field.

The third generation GPS/INS platform from Beeline has also benefited the aftermarket. The same OEM technology is available to all makes and models of agricultural equipment via the Arro product range. The Arro packages all of Beeline’s experience into one of the most simple, reliable and accurate systems on the market.

Beeline fits all popular steering systems including, electro-hydraulic (ISO11783 and non-ISO), closed-center hydraulic, open-center hydraulic, load-sensing and load-reactive steering systems.

Beeline Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company, which through pioneering research has achieved global market leadership in GPS/INS steering assist systems for self-propelled agricultural equipment. Beeline Technologies was established by farmers in 1994 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia with offices in Fresno, Calif., and Westminster, Colorado.

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