Stoneville acquires Germain's Cotton Seed

Acala Cotton Seeds, Inc., an affiliate of Stoneville Pedigreed Seed Co., has acquired Germain's Cotton Seeds, Inc. of Fresno, Calif.

The purchase includes all of Germain's cotton seed assets, including current commercial varieties, developmental pipeline materials, and a new base in Acala cotton breeding germplasm.

Acala will market all Germain's Acala seed varieties currently approved by the California San Joaquin Valley Acala Board as well as several varieties marketed in Greece.

Currently, one Roundup Ready and three conventional Germain's varieties are available from Acala. New for 2002, GC-546RR is a full season Acala variety that is Roundup Ready and resistant to verticillium wilt. In the conventional varieties, Acala Seeds will market GC-505 and GC-500. GC-377 is a “California Upland” variety with verticillium wilt tolerance and high gin turnout.

“Ten years ago, Germain's had the No. 1 Acala variety in the San Joaquin Valley — GC-510,” Stoneville President Thomas F. “Bud” Hughes said. “Since that time, Germain's has continued an active breeding program in the SJV for improved Acala quality. Now, that same high-quality germplasm will be aggressively leveraged across every segment of the market.

“The most important result of the Germain's deal is the fact that it gives Stoneville researchers access to an Acala germplasm portfolio with high-quality fiber properties that will immediately complement, and ultimately bolster, all of Stoneville's breeding pipeline,” said Hughes. “Germain's is known for outstanding fiber quality. Our plan to breed the best of Stoneville's materials with the best of Germain's materials will in time produce a new series of elite cotton varieties and improve the competitiveness of Stoneville customers.”

This transaction follows Stoneville's acquisition of the Helena germplasm program late last year.

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