Stripe rust found in Summit wheat

Stripe rust is being found in the wheat variety Summit.

I have found it with the help of growers and PCAs south of Esparto and on Sutter Island in Yolo County, also east of Dixon in Solano County.

In all cases so far I have not recommend treating. With the weather conditions as dry and windy the disease is moving slowly. If we get a rain or humid conditions in the next two weeks treatment may be necessary. Most wheat is blooming now and we need a healthy flag leaf for the next three weeks.

All wheat should be thoroughly examined for stripe rust. Please let your farm advisor know if you find stripe rust on your Summit. I have started to find a little leaf rust, so remember how to tell the difference between the two diseases. Leaf rust is orangeish spots scattered on the leaf surface and stripe rust is yellow-orange spots close together in parallel stripes.

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