Structural Pest Control Consolidation Plan

As part of Governor Napolitano’s initiative to consolidate Boards and Commissions to increase efficiency and service to the public, the Arizona Department of Agriculture (ADA) and the Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission (SPCC) are developing a plan in which the regulation of the structural pest control industry will be transferred to the ADA. The enforcement and compliance of structural pesticide laws and rules will become a section within the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

The respective management teams of both agencies are working with legislators and industry representatives to develop the necessary legislation and transition schedule that will take advantage of consolidating common administrative functions while simultaneously maintaining public safety through effective regulation of the structural pest control industry.

The ADA will be holding two public hearings to take comment on issues and ideas from the pest control industry and public in order to help guide the consolidation. The public hearings will be held on February 7th at 10:00 a.m. at the State Land Department conference room at 1616 W. Adams St in Phoenix and on February 8th at 10:00 a.m. at a Tucson location that will be determined.

Presently, the SPCC licenses commercial pest control businesses in Arizona and the pesticide applicators employed by these companies. The agency also enforces federal and state laws governing pesticide use for structures. Under the proposed legislation, these regulatory functions will be transferred to the ADA and the SPCC will be ultimately disbanded.

“This consolidation will save money, streamline government, and create a one stop shop for all pesticide licenses and regulations,” said Representative Rich Crandall who is sponsoring the bill codifying the consolidation.

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