Sunflower drill offers greater capacity, versatility

Big in capacity and bold in versatility, the new Sunflower model 9530 Fertilizer/Grain Drill from AGCO Corporation is built to match the needs of the toughest field and the tightest schedule.

Equipped with proven, staggered grain box design and Heads Up Opener Assembly, the 9530 delivers exact placement of seed and fertilizer in any field conditions, no-till to conventional. Left and right wings pivot forward and up, reducing transit width to 14 feet. However, the new large seed boxes and dry fertilizer option take the Sunflower 9530 to a new level in capabilities.

“Our customers told us they need unmatched versatility, both in seed delivery and in capability and that's what they get with our 9530 drills,” says Tom Draper, product marketing manager, Sunflower. “Our proven Heads Up Opener Assembly gives them optimum seed placement, no matter what level of tillage they choose for a particular field. Now they have the option of placing fertilizer with their seed or going full bore with seed only and boosting seed capacity by more than 50 percent at the same time.”

Movable divider

The secret to this versatility is the movable divider that separates seed from fertilizer in the dual placement mode. The divided hopper is designed for a 60 percent seed, 40 percent fertilizer ratio or 2.4 bushels and 120 pounds of fertilizer per linear foot. With the divided hoppers, the 30-foot, 9530 can hold 72 bushels of seed and 3,600 pounds of fertilizer.

The divided hopper, 40-foot Model 9530 has capacity for 96 bushels of seed and 4,800 pounds of fertilizer. Moving the divider converts the hopper to single chamber seed only mode with a 3.75 bushel per linear foot capacity.

In seed only mode, the 30-foot 9530 holds 112.5 bushels of seed and the 40-foot model holds 150 bushels

Large capacity requires carrying strength especially in no-till situations.

The 9530 is built to handle the load with 3/8-inch thick, 8-inch × 12-inch steel tubing for the main frame and the tongue. The two-point hitch pivots vertically and horizontally for more flexibility on rough terrain and more carrying capacity.

Wing frames impressive

Wing frames are even more impressive with their frame within a frame design to handle the extra weight and the rotational forces created by no-till applications. A 1/2-inch thick, 6-inch × 6-inch square tube rides inside the 3/8-inch thick, 7-inch × 7-inch main tube.

Even the 3-inch diameter steel pin on which the wings pivot are 50 percent larger than other models. The compound angled hinges fold the wings up as they rotate forward for more clearance in transit position.

Safety and ease of operation are part of the 9530 design. The walk board is deeper than found on previous models and features an automatic lock that engages in the raised position. Ladder fold has been simplified, and drive shielding flips up for easy fertilizer rate adjustments.

“The 9530 drills are designed to match the needs of the field and the operator with simplicity, flexibility and durability engineered into every component,” says Draper. “They also offer unmatched productivity. A 40-foot 9530 with 7 1/2-inch spacing will seed 80 acres or more per fill. Best of all, with Sunflower's proven seed delivery system, seeding is done not only fast, but it's also done right.”

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