Sunkist welcomes packing affiliate

Euclid Packing Co-op LP has begun year-round citrus packing operations in its new location north of Porterville, adding more than 1.4 million cartons of fruit to the volume marketed by Sunkist Growers, headquartered in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

“We're pleased to welcome this new affiliate into our system,” said Sunkist President and CEO Jeff Gargiulo. “It symbolizes confidence in the expanding opportunities offered growers and packers by Sunkist. In addition, it brings a supply of the kind of high quality fruit that is in great demand from our customers.”

While the facility is under new ownership and management, the Euclid house has been part of the Central San Joaquin Valley citrus scene for many years, most recently as independent shipper TRI Citrus. Its labels, “Euclid Gold” and “Perfect Choice,” are very well known and well respected, Gargiulo added.

Sam Perricone of Los Angeles is the Euclid owner. He, too, has a long history in the citrus industry as a broker and grove owner with several partnerships under Sunkist membership.

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