Syngenta downy mildew fungicide due in 2008 headhead

Syngenta will be introducing a new foliar fungicide, Revus, early next year for the control of downy mildew in lettuce and other vegetable crops as well as grapes.

Allison Tally, technical brand manager in Greensboro, N.C., for Syngenta's fungicide group, told a group of California pest control advisors (PCAs) at a field day at the company research facility near Gilroy, Calif., that the active ingredient mandipropamid in the new fungicide was discovered six years ago and reached the market in four years in Europe; a record time.

Tally said Syngenta expects a U.S. federal registration early next year and a California label within 30 to 45 days after that.

“Revus is a reduced risk fungicide and as such is undergoing a parallel review by California, which should make product available shortly after the federal EPA label is granted,” she said.

Downy mildew control in lettuce; late blight control in potatoes and phytophthora suppression in peppers and cucurbits will be the target markets for Revus.

It is not systemic. However, it is translaminer. This means the product will move through the leaf to the other side to give complete coverage of the new leaf. As soon as the solution dries it is rain/irrigation safe, she added.

To maintain control of downy mildew, she said it should be applied every 7 to 14 days, depending on disease pressure.

The label will carry a four hour re-entry interval, important in vegetable production. There is a 30 day rotation interval for all crops not on the Revus label. There are no rotation restrictions for crops on the label.

It will be labeled for potatoes, tomatoes, cucurbits, lettuce, spinach, brassicas, peppers, onions, and grapes.

Revus is cross resistant with other carboxylic acid amide (CAA) classes of fungicides. Syngenta will recommend that no more than half the sprays during one crop cycle contain CAA fungicides. Also, the label will specify no more than two sequential applications of Revus before alternating with a different mode of action fungicide.

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