10 agriculture stories you should read today, Feb. 3

10 agriculture stories you should read today, Feb. 3

Minnow trumps agriculture. Farm bill’s Tea Party. Big Ag rides organic bus. To catch an ag thief. Biobullets rejected. Food porn. Rattlesnake gassing. Boulder in the vineyard.

1. When a Minnow Trumps Agriculture

Sacrificing farming on a green altar: The Delta smelt controversy is a tale too ridiculous for fiction. A great read and a hekuva farce. (National Review)

2. GMO Horizon

Demand, demand, demand: Sure there’s enough food to feed everybody right now. Wait till 9 billion are walking the globe. (MIT Technology Review)

3. Tea Party, Farm Bill

Rural America, Tea Party, Farm Bill in a Gordian knot? (The Atlantic)

4. Monsanto Takes Ride on Organic Bus

There’s a trillion dollars riding on global produce and Big Ag is moving toward a much larger share. There’s been no Damascus conversion on the non-GMO and organic road — just recognition of the profits to be made. (Wired)

5. How to Catch an Ag Thief

Tractor thieves, tree nut bandits, cattle rustling: The skinny on rural crime.(Modern Farmer)

Food porn, rattlesnake gassing

6. Biobullets Rejected

The cattle industry wants to shoot brucellosis-infected buffalo with biobullets — essentially a vaccine in a slug — to protect U.S. livestock. Yellowstone says no way. (Reuters)

7. Food Porn

This must be a sure sign of the apocalypse. A lady gets paid $9,000 per month to sit in front of a webcam and eat food? (Yahoo News)

8. Rattlesnake Gassing

The Rattlesnake Round-Up may be facing a viper shortage. A potential ban on rattlesnake gassing has ignited a furor in Texas. (Businessweek)

9. Boulder in the Vineyard

An Italian winery was hit with millions in damage after a rockslide dislodged several giant boulders, including one that obliterated a 300-year-old barn and kept rolling into the vineyard rows — flattening 9 acres. Video footage taken afterward clearly shows the damage at about the 2:25 mark. (The Drinks Business)

10. Raising the Roof, Bovine Style

Ninety cows, methane gas, static electricity … you figure it out. (Business Insider)


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