Almond, pistachios, and walnuts

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Saline soils temper tree nut crop:

The almond crop in this area appears a little lighter than last year's bumper production, reports UC Cooperative Extension Merced County Farm Advisor David Doll. “It looks like a more normal yield this year, except for growers on the West Side who are battling water shortages for the third year in a row. Their crop is much lighter.”


Pistachio shipments rebound:

The Western Pistachio Association's efforts to shore up consumer confidence in pistachios following the industry's recall of product in March due to potential Salmonella contamination appears to be paying off.

By May, shipment volumes had recovered to 82 percent compared to May 2008 levels.


Optimism guarded due to water:

Last year's yield was the heaviest crop to date for Hudelson Co.'s relatively young walnut orchards located near Modesto, Calif., reports Darren Ventura, company manager.

The five-year-old Tulare block produced an average of about 1,850 pounds of nuts per acre in 2008, while yields of the 10-year old Chandlers averaged about 6,500 pounds.

“This year we might be a little under that,” Ventura says.

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