Bayer expects California registration for Velum One nematicide

Bayer expects California registration for Velum One nematicide

Bayer anticipates the California registration of its new Velum One nematicide for use in the 2017 growing season.

Velum One, a nematicide with fungicidal activity, would be registered for use on almonds, tomatoes, strawberries, brassicas, and cucurbits.

The product will manage a wide spectrum of yield-robbing nematodes and bring wide spectrum, long-lasting nematode control to California growers.

According to Bayer, trials have shown an early season application of Velum One protected root heath and allowed plants to have a great start. The nematicide can give growers confidence that the product is the right tool for the best return on their investment.

Velum One includes a unique blend of active ingredients which work together to combat nematodes and damaging diseases. The product moves from the roots to the leaves, not only suppressing nematodes below ground but also throughout the plant to suppress key diseases and help maximize yield potential.

According to a Bayer news release, field trials have shown that Velum One significantly increased yields and had an even greater impact when used with the insecticide/nematicide Movento and full disease management products including Luna.

Once the product is registered, Velum One can be applied through drip-micro chemigation. The wide-spectrum nematicidal activity can significantly enhance existing nematode management programs. It immobilizes nematodes within one to two hours after contact and effectively suppresses early season diseases including powdery mildew.

Bayer says Velum One will bring excellent protection to California crops in the coming year and help. It will be a great option for nematode management to help maximize yield.

Velum One is not currently registered for sale or use in California.

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