Honey bee
Flowering cover crops in and near almond orchards are being promoted as a means to help provide useful bee habitat and provide benefits to overall orchard health.

Field day will help almond growers understand how to use cover crops

Field day aims at helping almond growers manage cover crops as means to benefit the orchard and provide useful honey bee habitat

Two cover crop field days will be held for growers to learn the benefits of their use in almonds and other crops. The events are a collaborative effort between Project Apis m and Kamprath Seeds.

The field days will offer tips for managing cover crops, information on the free Seeds for Bees program, and will answer questions on frost concerns, organic matter management and concerns over the idea that cover crops compete with almond bloom.

The first event takes place Feb. 20 at the Oakdale School Farm, 8001 Brady Rd., Oakdale, Calif. The second takes place Feb. 22 at Tarke Farms, 8806 South Butte, Sutter, Calif.

For more information, contact Billy Synk at Project Apis m. He can be reached at 614-330-6932, or by email at [email protected].


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