Almond bloom

ReTain now labeled for aerial application in California

ReTain, the Valent plant growth regulatory labeled last year for California almonds now has aerial application approval by the Department of Pesticide Regulation.

ReTain is promoted to extend almond bloom, offering more opportunities for the blossoms to be pollinated. Studies in Nonpareil almonds suggest yield increases of over 300 pounds per acre when using ReTain, compared to untreated blocks.

Aerial application studies were made by fixed-wing and helicopters with volumes ranging from 15-20 gallons per acre.

ReTain works by reducing ethylene production in almond blossoms, delaying flower and stigmatic senescence. This allows more time for pollination to occur. Studies suggest it can extend the life of almond bloom by 43 percent.

Applications can be made between 10 percent and full bloom though it is recommended that application timing be between 30-60 percent bloom.

ReTain is also labeled for ground application via air blast sprayer at volumes of 100-200 gallons per acre.

Visit for more information on ReTain.

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