Walnut facility

Western Agricultural Processors Association represents tree nut hullers and processors in California and Arizona.

Western Ag Processors elects new board officers

Western Agricultural Processors Association is based in Fresno, Calif.

The Western Agricultural Processors Association (WAPA) elected a new slate of officers, re-electing Don Barton of Gold River Orchards for a second term as board chairman.

Other officers named to the board include: Michael Kelley, Central California Almond Growers Association, first vice chairman; Butch Coburn, Hughson Nut, second vice chairman; and, Kirk Squire, Horizon Nut Company, secretary/treasurer. 

Officer terms are for two years.

The WAPA board currently consists of 10 members including: Mark Kazarian, Tule River Cooperative Dryer; Pat Andersen, Andersen & Sons Shelling; Jason Baldwin, Perfect Pac, LP; Lincoln Forry, Forry Orchards; Dan Pronsolino, Sierra Valley Almonds; and David Stanfield, Summerfield Farms.

The Western Agricultural Processors Association is an agricultural trade organization based in Fresno representing tree nut hullers and processors, covering almonds, pecans, pistachios and walnuts.

WAPA provides environmental and safety consulting services for agricultural processing operations including tomato processors, vegetable dehydrators, cotton gins, and farms throughout California and Arizona.

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