Tulare crop report: Greenhouses readying for harvest

Below is a overview of the latest reports from agriculture in Tulare County, Calif., as prepared by the Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner.

Small Grains:

Ground preparation for winter forage crops continues. Shredding of cotton stalks for plowdown compliance is in full swing. Manure is being spread and fields are being irrigated before planting small grains. Alfalfa and silage corn are being cut for green chop for dairy cattle. Some alfalfa fields were set aside for sheep grazing.

Tree fruit, nuts and grapes:

Few growers have started topping the trees for future grafting. Pruning of deciduous tree fruit is in full swing. Brush shredding on pruned orchards is gradually progressing, as well as application of pre-emergent herbicides. Almond and walnut orchards continue pruning and shredding operations. Kiwifruit is being exported to Mexico and Japan. Table grapes still being harvested are Red Globes, Autumn Royal, Calmeria and Crimson. Grape export volume has increased this week. Importing countries include Mexico, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Panama and Indonesia. Vineyard activities are mainly cultivation and weed control. Asian pears are being exported to Mexico.

Citrus, avocados and olives:

Naval orange maturity has been stabilizing. Color weather is enhancing orange color and a tougher orange rind. Citrus growers are monitoring their groves for freeze damage. Export orders are well underway. Leading importing countries include Japan, New Zealand, Australia, China and Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea. Owari and Clementine tangerine harvest is gaining momentum. Lemon market to Japan has slowed down. Oroblanco and Melogold grapefruit harvest has started. Application of pre-emergent herbicides and fungicides are still being made to orange groves. Olive orchards continue being pruned.

Vegetables, Melons and Berries:

Broccoli harvest is ongoing. Vegetable growers are still busy fixing their greenhouses for the winter season. Tomato harvest is finished for the season. Prices for tomatoes are low and market movement is slow.

Livestock and Poultry. Supplemental nutrients are being supplies as well as hay to cattle at lower elevation. Feed at upper elevations is still in good condition and cattle are being gathered for movement to lower elevation. Feed cattle was $1 higher last week at $88?cwt.

Other agriculture:

Live Christmas trees and poinsettias continue arriving to garden centers and retail nurseries. Movement of Bareroot rose plants to different states is steady.

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