UA names invasive weed specialist

Ed Northam has joined the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Maricopa County as project coordinator and contact person for invasive weeds issues. His initial activities will be involved with organizing and establishing a Central Arizona Weed Management Area (WMA) that will be a collaboration of federal, state, and local agencies, organizations, and individuals from within and around Maricopa County.

The WMA will be a non-regulatory educational coalition that will focus on pest plants which are detrimental to human welfare, adversely influence economic affairs and commerce, or degrade environmental/economic conditions.

Northam's other work activities will include identifying additional Central Arizona WMA participants; coordinating WMA activities with the Southwest Vegetation Management Association's annual meeting in November; preparing educational materials on invasive weed species, and identifying, inventorying and mapping alien plant distributions in Maricopa County.

Northam contact information: [email protected] 602/470-8086 Ext. 843.

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