UC studies small grains, forage costs

A new study examining the cost of producing small grain silage in the southern San Joaquin Valley and a study examining the cost of producing winter forage for silage in the northern San Joaquin Valley are now available from the University of California Cooperative Extension.

The studies — Sample Costs to Produce Small Grain Silage and Sample Costs to Produce Winter Forage (for Silage) — were prepared by UC Cooperative Extension farm advisors Brian Marsh, Kern County; Steven Wright, Tulare County; Carol Collar, Kings County; Ron Vargas, Madera County; Michael Canevari, San Joaquin County; Marsha Campbell-Mathews, Stanislaus County; UCCE specialist Karen Klonsky and UC research associate Richard De Moura, UC Davis.

The studies are available at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics' Web site, http://coststudies.ucdavis.edu, or by calling (530) 752-4424, or from the local UCCE office. Written requests may be sent to the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616.

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