California Crop Weather report

The following is the latest California Crop Weather report from the National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Sacramento, Calif., Field Office:


Except for some light rain along the far North Coast and light snow over the northern Sierra Nevada and southern Cascades, conditions over California remained dry. Temperatures were normal to below normal through the period.

Field crops

Ground preparation, weed treatments, and fertilization continued for next year’s crops. Barley, wheat, and oats were planted. Early planted dryland winter forage crops were under stress due to the lack of water in Tulare County. Irrigated winter wheat and forage fields developed well.

Cotton harvest was mostly complete and fields were shredded and disked. Corn silage and grain harvest were nearly completed. Many alfalfa fields have been cut and baled for the last time this season. Most fields were semi-dormant by the end of November.

Fruit crops

Satsuma and Clementine mandarins plus grapefruit were picked in the San Joaquin Valley (SJV) as the pomegranate harvest was completed. There were some reports of frost damage in the remaining olive crop in low-lying river areas in the SJV.

The Navel orange harvest continued in the Central Valley with some Cara Cara varieties also picked. The lemon harvest continued normally in the desert region. Normal maintenance continued orchard and vineyard pruning plus fertilizer applications.

Nut crops

Almond hulling and stockpiling was completed. Post-harvest pruning and maintenance activities continued, plus some herbicide applications for almond and pistachio orchards.

Vegetable crops

Ground preparation for vegetable planting continued in San Mateo County. Tulare County’s spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower for winter harvest progressed normally. Dry weather played a positive role in field preparation. Carrots in Kern County were harvested, processed, and planted at the same time.

Some winter crops including broccoli and cauliflower were harvested on the west side of Stanislaus County. The harvest of chile peppers for processing was completed in Merced County, but the radicchio harvest continued. In Fresno County, the fall green bean harvest has started to slow down.

Squash, zucchini, eggplant, long beans, tomatoes, and peppers were almost completely harvested. Broccoli, herbs, greenhouse cucumbers, bitter melon, radishes, and the last of the cherry tomatoes were picked. Winter vegetables including beets, turnips, daikon, bok choy, Swiss chard, and kale were improving in yield and quality.

Fall head lettuce harvest was almost finished. Previously harvested fields were being disked, cultivated, and fumigated in preparation for fall planting. Growers planted winter rotational vegetable crops. Pumpkin fields were disked.

Dehydrator and fresh market onions plus garlic were planted. Drip irrigation tape was installed in processing tomato beds.

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