Vosti joins Incotec seed as consultant

Seed technology giant Incotec has announced the appointment of Jerry Vosti as sales consultant to represent its North American research and manufacturing operations based in Salinas, Calif.

A respected leader in the seed industry, Vosti brings to his new position 25 years of experience in a broad range of areas.

“We are very pleased to have Jerry as a key member of our sales team,” said Incotec General Manager David A. Pickenpaugh. “He has developed exceptionally strong customer relations within the industry which will considerably enhance our marketing presence. He will also position the company more effectively in his role as Incotec North America's primary liaison to California and Arizona customers.

Vosti most recently served as corporate account executive at Seminis and general manager at Genecorp Seed Co.

Although the Incotec product line is varied, Vosti will initially focus on seed technology for lettuce, a major sales crop for California customers.

“In terms of seed enhancement, the genetics of lettuce have become very complex because of the different breeding programs,” explains Vosti. “It is sometimes difficult to get a good stand with some of these new varieties. Priming seed is now variety specific, and in some cases even lot specific.

“For example, the Salinas Valley requires one technology, but in Yuma, where the air temperature is 110 degrees and the soil temperature is 140 degrees, there are things you need to do to that seed to obtain desired stands.

“Our goal at Incotec is to help customers get that desired stand. We are there as a support service for customers and to keep agriculture healthy. Fortunately, Incotec is a global company with huge resources. Its European operations are developing cutting-edge technologies that we hope to apply to our products here in California.”

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