Warrior: Insect Control Backed by Technology and Trust

As the war against insects heats up this season, it’s important to have Warrior with Zeon Technology® on your side – and it’s also important to have a worldwide leader in crop protection standing by you, too.

Warrior with Zeon Technology delivers outstanding control of worms, aphids, thrips, plant bugs and stink bugs in a broad array of vegetable crops, including leafy, fruiting, bulb and legume vegetable crops. Warrior is also labeled for use on alfalfa, cereal grains, corn, rice, cotton, soybeans, peanuts and pome and stone fruit. Behind Warrior is Syngenta Crop Protection – from local sales reps in the field to the scientists who developed Warrior, we are where you farm.

That makes Warrior more than just a high-performing pyrethroid – the Syngenta support system makes Warrior with Zeon Technology a brand that protects your business as it protects your crops. “Syngenta has been on the forefront of pyrethroid technology for decades, since the class of chemistry was first developed, and we continue to perfect, fine-tune and support our pyrethroids,” says Jeff Cecil, brand manager for Syngenta Crop Protection. “That support ties together our presence, our local service, our knowledge, and the trust that growers have in our company and products.”

Formulation chemistry is a big part of that continued commitment to the pyrethroids. The high-tech formulation of Warrior with Zeon Technology protects workers as it protects the active ingredient – then delivers its powerful insecticide payload efficiently and effectively for quick knockdown and long residual activity.

“Lambda-cyhalothrin, the active ingredient in Warrior with Zeon Technology, is a highly active pyrethroid that controls a very broad spectrum of insects,” notes Cecil. “What’s just as important is that the active ingredient is encapsulated in patented quick-release capsules which provide UV protection and put a barrier between the handler and the insecticide. As the spray dries on the target site a few minutes after application, those flexible-walled capsules begin to collapse and release their active ingredient.”

“Warrior with Zeon Technology is a water-based formulation that provides quick and thorough dispersion, tankmix flexibility, smooth application and easy cleanup,” Cecil adds. The unique flexible capsule structure allows the capsules to stick to the target site, which improves rainfastness. The result is a powerful insecticide that stays where it’s needed most, for quick knockdown and long residual activity – and a company that stays with you for the long haul.

For more information, visit the Syngenta Crop Protection Web site: www.syngentacropprotection.com or www.farmassist.com or call the Syngenta Customer Center at 1-866-SYNGENTA (866-796-4368).

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Warrior with Zeon Technology is a Restricted-Use Pesticide.

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