Water related seminars get own Ag Expo pavilion

Irrigation and water technology seminars will be housed in their own facility for the first time at the 2006 World Ag Expo. Also new is a Top-10 New Product showcase, located in a special center in addition to each winning exhibitor's regular display booth.

Both centers will be located on Median Street in the vicinity of Pavilion B, which houses water and irrigation displays. The 2006 World Ag Expo is scheduled for Feb. 14-16 at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, Calif.

“Water technologies and irrigation are a top concern for many visitors to World Ag Expo,” said show General Manager Gary Schulz in making the dual announcement. “In the Central Valley of California, it is probably the major issue facing ag. Therefore, we felt it was time to give these important seminars their due by presenting our irrigation seminars in their own tent close to irrigation exhibitors in Pavilion B.”

David Zoldoske and Dan Clawson of the highly regarded International Center for Water Technology at California State University, Fresno, will coordinate the seminars.

New product winners

For the first time, the Top-10 New Product winners will be showcased in a New Product Center, staffed by Orange Jacket volunteers.

Winners are judged by a panel made up of volunteers who have direct experience with production agriculture. “What makes our New Product winners stand out,” says Schulz, “is that they are truly innovative. Just a new paint job or different name doesn't make the cut. Finding and recognizing new products in ag technology is at the core of what World Ag Expo is all about.”

Runners up to the Top-10 New Products will also receive special recognition. All New Product winners will be announced in September.

For information about World Ag Expo, the largest ag show on the globe, go to www.farmshow.org or call (800) 999-9186.

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