West Side Research and Extension Center Cotton/Cropping Systems Field Day Sept. 17

West Side San Joaquin Valley growers are being uniquely impacted by recent changes in resource allocation shaped primarily by economic and environmental factors. Water availability, energy costs, commodity prices, pest management costs, and changing technologies have contributed to rapid cropping system shifts as well as how those plantings are managed. Our upcoming field day highlights recent field crop research activities being conducted by University of California researchers including presentations of possible future cropping systems options and management considerations.

Our guest speaker is Ed Barnes who is Cotton Incorporated’s director of agricultural research speaking on the “Use of precision technologies to enhance implementation of conservation tillage systems”.

Please mark your calendars for this unique field day.

For questions please contact: Dan Munk UCCE Farm Advisor, Fresno County, (559) 456-7561.


8:00 - 8:30 – Registration and refreshments

8:30 – Depart center headquarters for field tour

• Making Informed Nitrogen Management Decisions in Cotton

Bob Hutmacher, UCCE Five Points

• Progress and Challenges in Adapting Conservation Tillage to Irrigated Agricultural Systems

Jeff Mitchell, UCCE Parlier

• Switchgrass and Other Candidates for Forages and Biofuels

Dan Putnam, UCCE Davis

• Weed Management Issues in Cotton Using New Herbicide Technology

Steve Wright, UCCE Tulare County

• As the Crops Turn: Implications of Shifting Landscapes to IPM

Pete Goodell, UCCE Parlier

• Crop Performance and Rotation Issues to Consider with Small Grains

Lee Jackson, UCCE Davis

• Managing Water Resources Under Drought Conditions

Dan Munk, UCCE Fresno County

12:00 – Lunch followed by luncheon speaker at 12:30

• Use of Precision Technologies to Enhance Implementation of Conservation Tillage Systems

Ed Barnes, Cotton Incorporated

1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Post lunch open program

• 2008 Acala and Pima Variety Testing at the WSREC

Bob Hutmacher

• Center Pivot and Linear Move Irrigation Management

Dan Munk and Jeff Mitchell

• 2008 Cotton Defoliation Trials and 2007 Results

Steve Wright

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