What is Governator thinking in hiring former Davis aide?

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's rode into World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif., two years ago the triumphant progressive victor over evil liberalism.

The Governator had just run the bumbling buffoon out of the big house in the fiefdom. He was greeted with wild cheers by his adoring San Joaquin Valley throng.

California agricultural leaders were herded into the upper room to greet and revere the conquering hero before the new governor paraded before his adoring subjects. The farming leaders were told not to ask the new king of California about agriculture because he knew little of his kingdom's leading industry.

If the governor returns to the farm show next week, there will be no need to admonish the serfs that their leader knows little of agriculture. The last two years has convinced them of that fact.

The Governator has largely ignored agriculture during his first two years in office. Agricultural leaders say he has been totally inaccessible to farmers and ranchers.

Conservatives and agriculture were willing to cut the Governator slack about his lack of knowledge of the state's No. 1 industry. They also were willing to “accept” his liberal views on social issues like homosexual rights and abortion. Anything to get rid of Gray Davis; hopefully return California to economic prosperity, and somehow neuter big government.

Even with the governor tried and failed miserably in reforming government with a passel of state ballot measures last November, agriculture and California conservatives did not want to kick sand in the former body builder's face.

However, when he shuffled his staff after the November defeat and hired Susan Kennedy, the former chief of staff of the man he kicked out of office, the sucking sound heard throughout the kingdom was every conservative gasping in unison.

If the governor returns to Tulare this year, you can bet no-question edict or not, someone is bound to ask, “What were you thinking when you hired the chief of staff of the guy you ran out of Dodge?”

Arnold is either at wits' end about how to right California economically as he promised when he ascended the throne and is willing to do most anything to get the state moving in the right direction again, or he is such a political novice that he has unloaded a gun at both feet.

I figure it was the more the latter. Let us not forget the remarkably perceptive words of Earl Williams, president of California Cotton Ginners and Growers Association, “California is the fifth largest economy in the world run by Third World minds.” Could he have been thinking that hiring Kennedy would some how make the liberal bumbling California legislature like him for something other than being a movie star?

If Arnold returns to Tulare, he will be greeted with the same respect and adoration of any movie star-turned governor. And he will be re-elected governor of the nation's No. 1 agricultural state because no one stands a chance against Governator.

The only man who could give him a run is “Meathead,” and Rob Reiner said he will not run. He wants to devote his efforts to passing a $2.4 billion state ballot initiative guaranteeing voluntary preschool for all California 4-year-olds.

However, I refuse to give up hope that some day the California's gubernatorial race will pit the Terminator against Meathead. Oh, please let it happen within my career so once and for all California will be confirmed as the wackiest political kingdom in the whole world.

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