Wheat, barley stocks down

Stocks of wheat in California totaled 104,000 tons on June 1, 2007, 24 percent below the 136,000 thousand tons on hand a year earlier. U.S. stocks of all wheat, at 13.7 million tons, were 20 percent less than the 17.1 million tons on hand June 1, 2006.

Barley stocks in California totaled 10,300 tons on June 1, 2007, 28 percent below a year earlier. U.S. barley stocks, at 1.65 million tons, were 36 percent below the June 1, 2006 total.

Off-farm stocks of corn in California totaled 156,000 tons on June 1, 2007, 10 percent above a year earlier. U.S. stocks of corn in all positions totaled 98.9 million tons, 19 percent below June 2006.

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