When heat is on, mite pressure rises

Choose The Right Miticide.

Acramite-50WS is the right choice for mid-season mite control in grapes.

Acramite-50WS offers a unique mode of action with its carbazate chemistry that gives fast knockdown of a broad spectrum of mite pests, plus long residual control of up to 30 days or more.

Acramite-50WS controls the major mite pests in grapes…two-spotted spider mite, Pacific spider mite, strawberry spider mite, and Willamette mite…in all life stages including eggs, immatures (larvae/nymphs) and adults. Plus, Acramite-50WS is unmatched in its safety to beneficial insects and predatory mites.

Acramite-50WS—the right miticide for mid-season mite control in grapes--and an essential component in successful resistance management programs.

For more information on Acramite-50WS, call 559-224-8910 or visit www.chemtura.com.

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