World Ag Expo exhibitor featured on American Inventor

On the first day of the 2007 World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif., Milton Butler of Butler Innovation Co. was overwhelmed by TV crews looking for the man who was offered a blank check for his Lawn Master 5-in-1 prototype.

Denying the offer, Butler has taken his invention to large American manufacturers and even national television, where he was featured on ABC's June 13 episode of American Inventor.

During the national airing in San Francisco, Butler was interviewed by a panel of American Inventor judges and received unanimous praise, but was not voted the winner.

Nonetheless, judges and World Ag Expo attendees alike were impressed with his 5-in-1 efficient lawnmower.

About 20 years ago, Butler and his wife Lois had a vision that would change the rest of their lives. The Mississippi natives who now reside in Stockton, Calif., had a dream for an invention which is now the Lawn Master 5-in-1. This special lawn mower is capable of weed eating and edging, and can also mow, mulch, and pick up the mess left behind.

After 20 years of constructing their product, they looked into preview options for the invention. They decided that World Ag Expo was the right place for the special unveiling. The family met Noreen Livingston of Livingston Dairy Consulting who assisted them during the Expo. When asked about Livingston, Butler said, “we're just like family!”

Livingston helped make the Butler's experience at World Ag Expo one to remember. TV crews were hot on the trail to interview the Butler's on their first morning at World Ag Expo. By 10:00 a.m., Butler was offered 7 million dollars for the release of his prototype, but did not accept it. One hour later, he was offered a blank check, but again, did not accept it. Both of these grand offers were tempting, but were from representatives from foreign countries.

“I want to do it here in the United States. I want to help my country thrive,” Butler said. Since the 2007 World Ag Expo, he has established his business, Butler Innovation Co.; been featured in a nationwide circuit of invention magazines; and is in negotiations with American manufactures regarding the sale of his Lawn Master 5-in-1 prototype.

Butler is anxious for the 2008 World Ag Expo, and says he is very proud of what the show can bring to people with a dream. When asked about a preview of his new product for the 2008 Expo, he stated, “I can't tell you that, it's a surprise!” “I want to show people that you can be someone without being a singer or a basketball player,” Butler said.

A star at World Ag Expo and on national television, Butler is well on his way to showing the world that he has become a man of self-made success. To see Butler on the June 13 episode of American Inventor visit For more information contact Beth Sequeira, communications director for the International Agri-Center, at 1-559-688-1030 or email [email protected].

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